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Our Daughter Ari has been at MDCC going on 4 months, and we love it. The ladies there are so amazing and caring. I love the fact that we can see what she is doing all day using the app. The kids are active all day doing activities and arts and crafts. Every morning when we drop Ari off she has a huge smile on her face.

The one thing I love the most, is how clean it is, I remember when I did my tour, we were so impressed with the cleanliness of the place. My husband and I really appreciate the staff especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, my husband and I are both essential workers, the fact that the daycare has stayed open has really help us out a lot, The daycare has taken extra precautions to keep the children safe and healthy during this time and we greatly appreciate it .

We are looking forward to sending Ari to MDCC for the next few years, and our future children as our family expands.

Thank you for all you do.  - The Bakers -

From almost the very beginning I could see the benefits of bringing my son to the Museum District Childcare Center. It just has a feeling of being a “Team Effort” and I really believe that his teachers are working with me to help raise my child. In fact, when I drop him off in the mornings, I often have conversations with them about my son’s development and what we can both do for him. Furthermore, when I drop my son off his teachers are genuinely happy to see him and they truly have a relationship with him that often surprises me. He goes to his teachers in a way that I had never seen before. It is comforting feeling to have before I head off into the work day. 

Of course, I could tell you that I love the technology that the Museum District Childcare Center uses to update me throughout the day about my sons’ activities. That I love the photos and videos that they send me. I love how every classroom has cameras documenting everything that goes on throughout the day so there is no doubt about what is happening. I love how he has a real yard to play in and they do real learning activities with my son and my son is sincerely learning. I love how he comes home with his little assignments and surprises me with his new words and knowledge. I never forget the first Thanksgiving when my son was running around the house saying, “Gobble Gobble”. My wife and I just laughed and laughed because it was something that we had never taught my son, but it was just so cute. Again, it’s just that real connection that my son and family have with the Museum District Childcare Center staff that sincerely makes a difference for me.

I know that in Houston there are a lot of childcare providers for parents to choose from. I also know that the Museum District Childcare Center is not the cheapest by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, when I look in comparison to where my son was at before and where he is at today. My only regret is not sending him to the Museum District Childcare Center

- Adam Johnson -

Love MDCC!! I never thought I would find a place like this. It is like home for my daughter. I really appreciate the work they do every day. All staff is friendly and nurturing. The place is perfectly maintained and clean. Safety is a priority and I always felt secure leaving my kid there. She has been super happy there and she has learnt a lot also: numbers, letters, colors, shapes!! The patio is spectacular and the kids really enjoy all the activities they do there: free playing, gardening, picnic, soccer shots, etc.Communication with teachers and management is super easy and they always help. There are always events that made our life fun: mother's day, San Valentine's day, Rodeo day, etc. They put a lot of effort in organizing them and they rock!! It is time for us to move to a school. We will truly miss this place... I wish I could assign 10 stars.

~Inma Lapena